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One thing that you’ll be able to find in the house of any diehard wine collector would be a built-in (under counter) wine fridge; and, they don’t just have any built-in wine fridge but, rather, the best under counter wine fridge that they can find. This is because they know wine tastes its best when it is stored at its optimal temperature. Wines are actually very sensitive and need the ideal conditions for optimal aging – and we all know that properly aged wine is the best.

That is why built-in wine fridges were made so that the wine collectors can carefully store their wares and set them in the best thermal conditions possible. Of course, only the best wine fridge brands can give the best conditions that’s why we’d like to share a little of what we know about wine fridges. We’ve included a list of our top picks plus a buying guide to fully help you make your choice.

With a built-in wine fridge you need a lot of effort setting. But, it will be neat, beautiful and space-saving so it’s definitely worth it to invest in one. So, let’s get started with our list.

I. Top 8 Best Built-In (Under Counter) Wine Fridges

1. Kalamera 15 Inch 30 Bottle Under Counter or Freestanding Wine Fridge

To begin, let’s start off with the Kalamera 15 inch 30 bottle wine fridge – our top pick for the best built-in (under counter) wine fridge. The great thing about this wine fridge is that it can be either a freestanding fridge or a built-in one. You get to choose. Also, it has 30 bottle capacity, allowing you to store in 30 bottles at one time. That is a pretty impressive bottle capacity to have for most wine collectors. To make it even better, this wine fridge has a temperature memory function, allowing the fridge to remember the temperature it had during the last time it was on. That’s a very useful feature for when you suffer a power outage. Finally, it has a double layered tempered glass door. The advantage of this is that it can fully maximize the internal cold air by not letting any cold air out. Also, it prevents fogging and doesn’t usually crack. Sure, it may be a single zone fridge which makes wine collections limited to only one type of wine. However, it does serve its purpose and serves it really well.

What We Like:

  • 30 bottle capacity
  • One touch control system
  • Temperature memory function
  • Easy to install

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Very tight shelves

2. Kalamera 24 Inch 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in and Freestanding Wine Fridge

Next up on the list is the Kalamera 24 Inch 46 bottle capacity wine fridge. This also happens to be our second placer in the list next to the 15-inch variant. The reason why we didn’t make this first place is that it is not a very practical wine fridge to have due to its size. It will be extremely useful for those veteran wine collectors who have so many different kinds of wines. For beginners though, maybe not so much. It pretty much has the same features and functions as the 15-inch variant but with a big size difference. Instead of 30 bottles, this one has a whopping 46 bottle capacity to enable you to store a lot more bottles. To add to that, it is a dual zone wine fridge. This means that you can store two kinds of wines at two different temperatures depending on what section you put them in. This is ideal if you’re storing both red and white wine in one fridge.

What We Like:

  • 46 bottle capacity
  • Dual-zone type of fridge
  • Low vibration operation
  • Durable stainless steel material

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Emits a chemical smell
  • Cannot fit all bottles (e.g. Chardonnay)

3. Kalamera 30 Inch 66 Bottle Built-in Glass French-Door Style Wine Fridge

This wine fridge is actually like the previously mentioned two (they come from the same brand). However, we coined this one our upgrade pick since it is like an upgraded version of the Kalamera 30 Inch 46 Bottle Wine Fridge as it is able to store 66 bottles instead of just 46. Take note that this variant is a dual zone type. With the 30-inch variant, you will see that the two sections are side by side instead of split to upper and lower sections. With that, you can store 33 bottles of red wine on the left side and 33 bottles of white wine on the right side. What is really striking about this wine fridge would be its design. It is designed in such a way that it looks like French villa windows. It’s definitely a classy addition to the home of any wine collector. Just like the previous two, it is also very user-friendly and has easy-to-use one-touch controls.

What We Like:

  • Classy design
  • 66 bottle capacity
  • Split section dual zone type
  • Roomy 30-inch measurement
  • Built-in alarm

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Cannot fit fat bottles
  • Noisy operation

4. Edgestar 332 Bottle Wine Cellar – The Best Large Under Counter Wine Fridge

If you’re looking for something the size and the capacity of a wine cellar, then this is the best one that you’re looking for. It may be quite hard to fit under the counter, but the size is still great if you have a really large wine collection. Just to give you an idea, this has a 332 bottle capacity and is a dual zone type. So, one side allows you to store 166 bottles at a certain temperature while the other allows you to store another 166 bottles at another temperature. Also, it has a tinted glass door with easy digital controls. It also has a very sturdy security lock to protect the contents from anyone trying to get inside. Lastly, it has an auto defrost feature, allowing it to defrost wine when it gets too cold. This is good for any wine collector who has an extremely large collection of wine that can’t fit the regular sized wine fridges anymore.

What We Like:

  • Digital control system
  • Sturdy wooden shelves
  • Auto defrost feature
  • 332 bottle capacity
  • Carbon filter

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Very noisy
  • Limited space in between the shelves

5. Edgestar 30 Bottle Undercounter or Freestanding Wine Cooler

This may not be as big as the previously mentioned Edgestar product, but it is great for smaller collections. Because of its compact size, it can fit pretty much anywhere. It can be installed under the counter perfectly, and it can be a standalone. A unique feature of this wine cooler is that it has a black dotted door tinting, making it able to protect the contents from light. At the same time, it has its own light source from a blue LED light. Also, it doesn’t make any noise because it contains rubber bushing to absorb all the noise and vibrations. It is definitely one of the quieter compressor-based wine fridges that you’ll find in the market. Finally, it has what is known as a shelf bottle arrangement feature. This will allow you to store as many bottles as you can as long as it can fit inside the casing.

What We Like:

  • Very quiet operation
  • Highly tinted glass
  • 30-inch spacious structure
  • Unique shelf bottle arrangement feature

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Can’t store fat bottles such as Champagne bottles
  • Vibrates pretty strong

6. Whynter 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator

This is the best wine fridge to have if you have a small collection of fewer than 20 bottles of wine. The bottle capacity of this fridge is up to 19 bottles depending on the shape and width. While it doesn’t really impress in size and capacity, it makes up in protection and security. First, it is one of the few wine fridges that make use of tempered gray-smoked glass. This is ideal if you live in a tropical region and if the sun often hits your wine fridge. The gray-smoked glass will be able to block off the UV rays, saving wine bottles from the heat. With regard to security, it comes with a security lock that’s extremely sturdy and also a key. With that combo, you don’t need to worry about anyone sneaking in and taking your wine bottles. Other than that, it also has a digital temperature control board, allowing you to easily change temperatures to whatever settings you want.

What We Like:

  • Tempered gray-smoked glass
  • Sturdy security lock
  • Compact size
  • Powerful compressor

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Rather pricey
  • Very noisy unit
  • Very tight space

7. Edgestar 53 Bottle Wine Fridge

This unit is pretty much like the other Edgestar variants that we’ve mentioned on this list except for the fact that it can store 53 bottles. This is perfect for those who have medium-sized collections of high-quality wine. What this product focuses on would be ease of use. It makes use of slide-out wood trimmed wired shelves. To make opening much easier, it comes with a reversible double-paned glass door. The reversible feature makes it a more flexible door, so you can slide it open any time. Aside from that, some other features include a blue LED light, stainless steel structure, and a very classy black design.

What We Like:

  • 53 bottle capacity
  • Classy black design
  • Flexible reversible door
  • Easy to use sliding drawers and shelves

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Very loud fan noise
  • Drawers don’t pull out up to the wine label

8. Newair 29 Bottle Wine Fridge

The last but not the least is the Newair 29 bottle wine fridge. First of all, this wine fridge has one of the most beautiful designs that you’ll ever find. The blue LED light inside mixed with the silver metallic exterior makes it an overall beauty to the eyes. The color combination and design makes it very futuristic and a great addition to any modern or contemporary designed kitchen. As for functions, it has a bottle capacity of 29. Because it is a dual zone type, you can store wines at two different temperatures. This is ideal for storing both red and white wine at the exact same time. Another great thing about it is that it’s very easy to install. It is only 15-inches in width which makes it really easy to fit under any counter. Finally, it has a triple-layered glass door. Most of the wine fridges would only have double layered glass doors in order to protect the contents. However, this one takes things up a notch by adding another layer to give it extra protection. That’s why it’s a pretty popular product.

What We Like:

  • Very attractive aesthetic
  • Dual temperature zone
  • Easy fit to any counter
  • Triple layer glass door
  • 29 bottle capacity

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Very loud sound
  • Too tightly squeezed inside

II. Under Counter Wine Fridge Buying Guide

Even if we provide our 8 top picks, you might still have trouble picking out the choice most suitable for you. So, before you make your choice, consider these several factors:

  • Location Measurements

This is probably the most important thing to consider when you are buying a built-in wine fridge. Unlike those freestanding models, the built-in ones will literally be built-in under the counter. Once they’re built-inside, you won’t be able to take them out that easily. That said, you have to get the exact measurements of your desired location ready when you head on over to the store (or for when you search the internet). With the measurements ready, you can at least have an idea if it is going to fit or not.

  • Capacity

The capacity of a wine fridge would refer to how many bottles can fit inside. The capacity or the size of the fridge will also depend on your fridge’s location. If the space under your counter isn’t that much, then you’ll obviously have to settle for a smaller model. If you have room under your counter, then longer models are okay. Just to give you an idea, a good capacity would be 25 to 30 bottles for most average wine fridges. But, again, take into consideration the space size first as that will be the indicator as to what size of wine fridge you will buy for your kitchen.

  • Zones

This is another crucial factor that you would have to take into account. Most wine fridges have single zones which are totally okay if the wines you own thrive at the same temperature. If you do have two wine bottles that don’t thrive in the same temperature, then you might need a fridge that has more than one zone. A single zone fridge only provides one temperature for the whole fridge. Dual-zone fridges, on the other hand, have sections wherein the sections may have different temperatures. So, you should buy the dual zone type only if you have wines that thrive in very different temperatures.

  • Security

High-quality wines are extremely expensive, so you may want to really protect them. Fortunately, most of the wine fridges these days come with some kind of security lock to protect anyone from opening up the fridge. When you choose your wine fridge, always inspect the security lock to see how secure it is before you make your purchase. It pays to be extra valuable because you are storing goods that possibly have a high value.

  • Quietness

Some people don’t mind the whirring sound that the wine fridges make, but some people really can’t stand it. If you’re a part of the latter, then you need to take quietness into consideration. Thermoelectric under counter built-in wine fridges are the best choices for those who can’t stand the noise.

  • Brand and Price

We emphasize brand and price because we believe that high-quality wine fridges come from the best-known brands. Don’t spare any expense when it comes to buying your wine fridges because you’ll want one that works very well and can last long. Fortunately, the ones on our list are all high-quality products from well-known brands. Plus, they’re quite reasonably priced, so you don’t need to worry too much about spending.

  • Other Features

Those are some of the basic things that we covered. However, you may also want to look at a few extra features while you go through your choices. Some of the extra stuff you may want to consider would be a touchscreen temperature display. This will allow you to set the temperature of your wine fridges in just a few presses. You can also look for the wine fridges that have extension shelves so that you won’t have trouble getting the bottles at the back. You may also want to consider looking for a wine fridge that has an auto defrost feature, so it can defrost the bottles in the event that the wine fridge becomes too cold. Of course, these are all extra stuff to look out for. The important things that you really need to take note of are the basics – the ones mentioned above.

III. Built-In Wine Fridge FAQs

Now that we’ve gone through our list as well as our buying guide, you’re now ready to choose which of the built-in (under counter) wine fridges you want for your home or your kitchen. But, before we conclude this little guide, we’ve added a section with some answers to a few FAQs that you may have about built-in under counter wine fridges:

Q: What’s the difference between a compressor-based wine fridge and a thermoelectric one?

A: The main difference would lie in the compressor. Thermoelectric fridges do not have compressors which is why they can operate with much less noise than a compressor-based one. However, compressor-based ones are still stronger with regard to temperature control, so the one you choose will really depend on your preference.

Q: Can I use built-in (under counter) wine fridges for other beverages as well?

A: You can, but take note that wine beverages can only cool up to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want your beverages to cool further than that, then you’ll need to buy another cooler. We recommend that you only store wine in wine fridges and buy another type of cooler for other drinks so that you can get your desired results.

Q: What are the best conditions for typical wine aging?

A: Generally, it is best to keep white wine at a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 70% (50% at least if you can’t achieve 70%). The same conditions follow for red wine except that the temperature for red wine should be around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, keep the wine away from direct sunlight. So, when you install your built-in (under counter) wine fridge, make sure it faces away from the window. Just to be safe though, you may also want to get a fridge with those UV tinted glass doors for extra protection against sunlight. If those conditions are served, then you should have a really good tasting aged wine.

Q: How do I clean my wine fridge?

A: First, you unplug it and take out everything from inside. We suggest that you clean the insides first with a baking soda mix (2 tablespoons of baking soda and 4 cups of water. After that, use a detergent solution to clean the shelves and trays. Use the same mild detergent for wiping the outside. Lastly, use a dry cloth to dry out the wet parts. Also, take note not to wet any wire or electrical part of the fridge. This could cause a malfunction or worse, get you electrocuted.

Q: Is it possible to store both white and red wine in the same built-in under counter wine fridge?

A: In order to get the best results, we don’t recommend you do that unless you have a dual zone fridge. The ideal temperature range for white wine would be around 46 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and the range for red wine would be 58 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The difference is a bit too steep, so it’s not recommended that they are stored together in a single zone fridge.

IV. Conclusion

With that, we’ve covered the list of our top 8 picks for the best built-in (under counter) wine fridge brands (plus our top pick out of the 8 and our runner up), a buying guide to help you make your decision, and the FAQs section just in case you have some questions on your mind. You are now ready to buy your own wine fridge for your home.

As diehard wine collectors ourselves, we understand how hard it is to get the best wine fridges in the market since there are so many to choose from. That’s why we wanted to make things easier for other wine collectors out there with this guide. This guide will serve as a means to narrow down choices to only the best ones so beginner wine collectors only have 8 to choose from. For picking out the most suitable one from the 8 choices, the buying guide can be used. The buying guide will give you the product that most suits your own individual needs when it comes to wine storage.

That way, you’ll know exactly how to store your existing wine collection at home or know how you can start your own wine collection.

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