The Best Floor Lamps for Living Room


If you’re looking to upgrade your living room this year, a floor lamp is a great way to do so without spending a fortune on redecorating.

We recently looked at some very specific floor lamps intended for reading but today, we’ll widen the net…Our focus today is on showcasing a broad cross-section of styles from traditional lamps through to more directional and utilitarian lighting for more modern homes. We tested around 30 floor lamps and curated this into a list of just 15 so we give you plenty of options without confusing you.

We’ll finish up with some brief pointers on what to look out for when you’re hunting down the best floor lamp for your living room but we’ll get straight down to business now with our reviews…

I. 15 Best Floor Lamps For Living Room

1. Our Pick: Brightech Montage LED Modern Floor Lamp

Our overall pick for the best floor lamp for living room is the Brightech Montage so read on to see what sets it apart from the competition…

If you want a more traditional lamp but you also want something that will slot into your smart home, this Alexa-enabled floor lamp from industry legend Brightech delivers fully on both counts. You’ll need a smart outlet but these are not expensive and you’ll also need a device like Echo Show or Apple HomePod in order to use voice commands.

Alongside this classic appearance, you’ll be able to use energy-efficient LEDs so you can slash your utility bills while still getting all the light you need in your living room.

New meets old in the best possible way with the Brightech Montage LED floor lamp so what are you waiting for? Slip this into your living room this year and start turning your lights off using nothing but your voice if you want to invest in that hard-hitting smart home tech to complement your lamp. If not, you’ll get a straight-up lighting solution from a brand you can rely on backed with a fantastic guarantee so it’s a win-win from Brightech.

Things We Like
  • Compatible with all major digital assistants so perfect for using voice commands in your smart home
  • All the modern efficiency of an LED along with the advantages of a traditionally designed floor lamp
  • Superb 3-year limited warranty so you can buy with complete confidence
Things We Dislike
  • Although it’s not especially cheap, you can currently take advantage of a worthwhile discount

2. Runner-Up: Stone & Beam Deco Floor Lamp

A worthy runner-up in our quest for your living room is this modern art deco-inspired lamp from Stone & Beam.

While you’ll get a tall, multipurpose lamp, the Stone & Beam occupies a fairly compact footprint so works just as well in a smaller apartment as a sprawling house. Overall measurements are 59 ½ x 18 x 18 inches.

The base is rugged and the four-legged design gives you plenty of stability, perfect if you’ve got kids running around the house. The monochrome looks sees a subtle linen shade set against stark black metal legs so you’ll feel like you’re being thrown back a century while the design will fit seamlessly with most décor. This lamp will look equally at home in a minimalist loft conversion or a traditional and more cluttered living room.

Cleaning is a cinch and all you’ll need is a soft, dry cloth.

Great value anyway, you’ll even get an energy-efficient LED bulb thrown in so what are you waiting for?

Things We Like
  • Commanding art deco design with white linen contrasted against black metal for a striking, modern aesthetic
  • Straightforward assembly so get going directly out the box
  • Durable and extremely easy to clean by just wiping down occasionally
Things We Dislike
  • Design-driven lamp but build quality could be improved

3. Best Budget: Brightech Emma LED Tripod Floor Lamp

Our pick for best budget floor lamp is another Brightech beauty, this time the Emma.

A three-legged LED, you’ll not only get a great bargain but can also save money month in and month out thanks to the energy-efficient bulb. Good for 20,000 hours of use, the 9 ½-watt power-saving bulb comes included.

One of the key fashions for interior design this year is the use of natural materials and this lamp managed to be bang on-trend without looking over the top. The wooden base complements the off-white shade perfectly.

If you’ve got an automated home and want to use a voice assistant to control your smart outlets, all you’ll need is the outlet and requisite device. Whether you prefer Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri, you can hit the lights without needing to get up off the couch.

Perhaps the best part is the robust 3-year satisfaction guarantee removing any jitters from purchase.

Things We Like
  • Chameleon-like, this understated lamp will slot effortlessly into a range of living rooms making a statement without dominating
  • Full Alexa functionality so ideal for smart home owners
  • Solid 3-year warranty which is more than much of the competition offers
Things We Dislike
  • Tripod design polarizes opinion

4. Also Great: Brightech Sky LED Super Bright Floor Lamp

Next up we’ve got another Brightech floor lamp, as usual packing an efficient LED bulb built to last and to save you money on your power bills at the same time.

Choose from multiple colorways from black through brushed nickel ensuring the best possible fit with your existing décor.

If you’ve got a busy household and kids prone to tugging on fixtures and fittings, you’ll appreciate the remarkable stability offered by this lamp. The cool-touch design means your children won’t end up with scorched pinkies either so Brightech has the safety angle fully covered.

One design seldom fits all with lamps so you can opt for one of five colors and match your floor lamp with the design of your living room.

Things We Like
  • Dimmable LED gives you the flexibility to create mood lighting in the living room
  • Kid-friendly design with a rock-solid base so you can relax as your kids play with no trip hazard in the way
  • Cool-touch light that won’t overheat, another valuable safety factor
Things We Dislike
  • A few complaints about lamp shutting itself off but this was not something we experienced during testing

5. Also For Reading or Working: Aaron Aged Brass 3-Light Floor Lamp

If you fancy something a little more retro, this antique-style aged brass floor lamp from Aaron is the obvious solution.

Fully 64 inches high, it’s also slimline with a 10-inch base narrow not to eat up too much precious room in your living room but stable enough your lamp won’t come crashing to the floor.

You’ll have a choice of bulbs so you can roll with what works best for you. We’d strongly recommend considering LEDs since they’re extremely energy-efficient while offering bright light essential for reading or working.

The trio of lights in place makes this lighting ideal for reading or working so if you’re looking for something special for the home office or the kids’ bedrooms, why not treat yourself?

Things We Like
  • Multipurpose floor lamp great for mood lighting, reading and working
  • Slimline and weighs just 10 pounds but super-stable as an added bonus
  • Use all bulbs from LEDs and halogen through to older incandescent bulbs and CFLs
Things We Dislike
  • Golden antique brass finish will not appeal to everyone but there’s a less flamboyant nickel alternative

6. Upgrade Pick: Florencio Antique Gold Torchiere Floor Lamp

Looking like something from the Roman era, this ornate torchiere-styled floor lamp from Florencio is a conversation piece but that design comes at a pretty stiff price.

If you’ve got a more fluid budget and you appreciate the finer things in life, though, this antique gold effect lamp from Barnes and Ivy adds a splash of luxe to any living room. You’ll get the best of both worlds with enough light to fill even a larger space along with the ability to dim it back when you want a more muted ambiance.

To prevent all that golden metal from becoming overpowering, it’s offset by black accenting and topped off with an amber shade.

While this is by no means the cheapest floor lamp you can add to the living room, you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck from a brand you can trust.

Things We Like
  • Dimmer at the base so you can dial back the brightness when you’re snuggling up for a movie
  • Ornate design works well in cluttered or minimalist living rooms so extremely versatile
  • Bright enough to light the whole room when required thanks to torchiere design
Things We Dislike
  • Ruthlessly expensive so not a floor lamp for everyone

7. Adesso Trinity Arc Floor Lamp

We’ll kick off with a negative this time and make it clear that a few disgruntled customers have fed back that this floor lamp doesn’t last the distance. We haven’t had the opportunity to conduct long-term testing so all we can say is that far more consumers have nothing but a shower of praise for this floor lamp.

You’ll get ample scope when controlling the 3 lights. You can opt for one side only illuminated, the left and center only or have all of them beaming at once if you need plenty of light on the subject.

With this model, you won’t be able to use LED bulbs but you can opt for CFLs or the more traditional incandescent bulbs according to your preference.

The Trinity model we tested is more low-slung with the alternative Bowery reaching up a little further while still boasting the same great looks. Whichever you opt for, this floor lamp should set off your living room a treat.

Things We Like
  • Remarkably flexible with 4-way switch offering complete control over the 3 separate lights
  • Uses CFL or incandescent bulbs although you won’t get any thrown in
  • 2 styles and multiple configurations so personalize your floor lamp according to the styling of your living room
Things We Dislike
  • A few complaints above lifespan

8. Brightech Mason LED Arc Floor Lamp

Next up in our floor lamps for living room reviews is yet another model from the highly reputable Brightech in the form of this LED arc model named Mason.

With most products, we focus on a selection of different brands but at the same time we prize bringing you nothing but the best. With floor lamps, there’s simply no escaping the stranglehold Brightech exerts so we’ve chosen many models from their impressive range not through bias but because they’re so good.

If you need to pop a floor lamp behind the sofa or in a corner, the compact and streamlined design of the Mason makes this a breeze. That said, the arresting design wouldn’t look out of place in a more substantial living room either.

This is certainly not the cheapest floor lamp for your living room but it’s absolutely one of the very best. If you want a modern classic with plenty of smarts and the capacity to take energy-saving LEDs, you can’t go wrong with the Brightech Mason.

Things We Like
  • Space-saving lighting solution ideal for more cramped living quarters
  • Available in bronze, gold and nickel finishes so there’s something for everyone
  • Full smart home functionality if you have a device with a digital assistant and a smart outlet in place
Things We Dislike
  • Reasonably expensive although still represents great overall value

9. Revel Akira 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp

Coming in nickel and two varieties of bronze (antique and oil-rubbed), this 3-light floor lamp has a sweeping appearance to set off any living room and the versatility of a multi-lamp solution complete with dimming functionality.

Definitely not cheap, this is nevertheless a lamp with build quality uppermost and a guarantee to match. Should you need it, you’ll find customer service prompt to respond and extremely helpful.

Compatible with timers and smart plugs, the Revel slots neatly into any automated home giving you the advantages of cutting-edge tech married to a clean and classic design suited to more traditional homes.

UL-listed for safety and capable of accommodating CFLs, LEDs or incandescent bulbs, you’re spoiled for choice with this powerful floor lamp for your living room from a brand you can trust.

Things We Like
  • Multidirectional lighting solution with 3 lamps packing dimmers so you can tweak the lighting to your mood fuss-free
  • An impressive 80 inches tall, this lamp will stand proud without taking up too much room thanks to a narrow but stable base
  • US-based customer support is responsive and 1-year guarantee takes the sting out of purchase
Things We Dislike
  • A few negative comments about the antique bronze colorway not looking as advertised but this is fairly subjective

10. Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp

As we edge toward the end of our best floor lamp for living room reviews, we’ve got yet another offering from Brightech with the Eclipse.

If you’re looking for something completely different, this dual-ringed lamp certainly hits the mark. It looks more like something from a sci-fi set than a traditional lamp so we’d suggest this is something for those with more utilitarian and minimalist tastes than someone looking for a regular floor lamp. You’ll either love or hate the design so if you’re a fan, what else does the Eclipse have besides looks?

Well, you’ll get all the brightness you need when you want plenty of light on the subject coupled with the ability to dim it right back if you’re settling in for the evening with a movie.

Making use of LED bulbs (and, as with all Brightech lamps, a bulb comes included), you can get energy-efficient lighting without compromising appearance.

For a unique and highly effective floor lamp for your living room, the Eclipse will do anything but leave you in the dark!

Things We Like
  • Remarkable brightness of 2000 lumens (150 watts) so perfect if you need to light up a working space in your living room or home office
  • Unusual and innovative design makes a real show-stopper when guests enter your living room
  • Integrated dimmer to dial back that piercing brightness when you want to relax
Things We Dislike
  • Aesthetic wouldn’t work so well in more traditionally designed homes

11. Ikea NOT Upright Floor Lamp

No list of the best floor lamps for living rooms would be complete without a cameo from Ikea, the Scandinavian furniture maestro.

You might think an LED floor lamp that’s such a hit in the looks department would cause you to dig deep but the Ikea NOT is a pocket-friendly model and demands almost nothing by the way of care except a quick dust off with a soft cloth.

Packing a bright and energy-efficient LED, you’ll get all the light you need without a stiff power bill to pay.

The only real downside with this budget floor lamp is a cord that would be better off if it was cut a little closer. The excess spoils the minimalist aesthetic somewhat although we certainly wouldn’t class this minor gripe as a deal-breaker.

Things We Like
  • 400-lumen LED bulb included so cast plenty of light over your living room without eating up too much electricity
  • Easy to wipe down with a cloth making this lamp almost maintenance-free
  • Exceptional price/performance ratio backed by unbeatable brand heritage
Things We Dislike
  • Ugly trailing cord mars the otherwise clean looks of this lamp so consider some clips to keep it out of the way

12. Brightech Logan LED Arc Floor Lamp

If you fancy a floor lamp with arched styling so you’ve got overhanging lighting when you want to curl up with a good book, the Brightech Logan is yet another home run from this lamp specialist.

You’ll get the usual smart home integration if you’ve got smart outlets and a device equipped with a digital assistant. Controlling your lights with voice commands offers a wonderful extra layer of convenience and this is one of the key factors that differentiates Brightech from much of the opposition.

The metal stem contrasts delightfully with the marbled base and you’ll get a combination of pioneering technology, energy-efficiency and a traditional design that will fit neatly into just about any living room.

Aside from being slightly tasky to put together and a relatively fragile feel, this is a great and multi-functional floor lamp well worth the money.

Things We Like
  • Arched styling gels well with most living room layouts
  • Smart home-friendly and works along with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit for a tech-driven experience if you’ve got the kit in place
  • Works effectively as a reading lamp in the living room
Things We Dislike
  • A few niggles about longevity and awkward assembly

13. Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp

Next up in our quest for the best floor lamps is our final model from Brightech. As you can clearly see, they’ve dominated today’s selection and that’s entirely on merit. We have no bias toward any particular brand as we mentioned but we simply couldn’t help bring you multiple models from this stellar manufacturer who do lights like few other companies on the market.

You’ll get the voice assistant smarts and the rock-solid warranty you’d expect from Brightech but with this model you won’t be able to dim it down.

The telescopic arc renders this lamp particularly suitable for reading or crafting and it occupies fairly little space making it perfect if you’ve got a smaller living room.

Things We Like
  • Works effectively as a downlight or uplight so a versatile living room lighting solution
  • Slots into smart outlets if you insist on controlling your lighting with voice commands
  • Warm light with a cost-effective LED bulb chucked in further enhancing already great value
Things We Dislike
  • Not a dimmable bulb so it’s all or nothing

14. Catalina Lighting Transitional Floor Lamp

We feel duty-bound to point out that a number of users have complained about defective products out the box with some parts bent out of shape. We certainly didn’t experience this but we’d advise looking closely at the package before throwing away the box.

This lamp comes in a number of shapes and configurations with each model having a different layout for the storage that comes in exceptionally handy if you’ve got a smaller living room and plenty of knick-knacks to display.

The contrasting monochrome means this floor lamp would work with a more traditional living room layout or with as stripped-down minimalist aesthetic. It’s a versatile lamp in terms of looks as well as storage.

You can use a regular 100-watt bulb or opt for an LED if you prefer, again giving you the freedom you want in one adaptable floor lamp.

Things We Like
  • Comes in a wide array of designs and finishes
  • Onboard storage for ornaments or magazines on a compact model expressly designed for space-saving all round
  • Ergonomic 3-way rotary switch for ease of use
Things We Dislike
  • Some issues with quality control so check your package carefully upon receipt

15. Adesso Oslo Floor Lamp

Rounding out our reviews, we’ve got another Adesso in the shape of the classic Oslo.

Attention to detail extends from the ornate base through to the Japanese paper lending a patterned look to your room when the lights are blazing. Whether you want to sit around chatting or curl up with your favorite book, you’ll always have plenty of light on the subject with this floor lamp installed.

You can go for an incandescent bulb (100-watt) or a CFL (20-watt) but you won’t get any included so make provision for this in advance.

As with most of the best floor lamps, this model is designed to take up little space without sacrificing performance so whether you want something for a smaller living room or a conversation piece for a more substantial lounge, the Adesso Oslo is well worth popping on your shortlist.

Things We Like
  • Twist on a classic design with striped paper adding subtle highlights to your room when illuminated
  • Smart bulb compatible so tailor-made for modern, automated homes
  • Works with LEDs and CFLs for maximum flexibility
Things We Dislike
  • No bulbs included which is pretty cheap really


With our floor lamps for your living room reviews nailed, it’s time to round out with a brief look at how to buy one the easy way.

II. How To Choose the Right Floor Lamps for Your Living Room

Choosing a product as simple as a floor lamp might seem like the easiest buying decision you ever faced. As soon as you’re confronted with the thousands of models glutting the market, though, you’ll see that’s far from the truth!

Also, while floor lamps might not be complicated, there are a few key elements to consider that will streamline your decision and make choosing one a piece of cake.

  • Think About Your Existing Furniture and Décor: Before you launch in and commit to purchase, think closely about the design and color scheme of your furniture and the overall décor in your living room. This will determine the styles of floor lamp that would make the best fit. Time spent at this stage could prevent an expensive mistake that doesn’t mesh well with your design and ends up consigned to the cupboard instead of making a proud addition to your lounge
  • Color of Lighting: While you can get light bulbs in pretty much every color of the rainbow, it’s generally prudent to stick with white or yellow in the living room. A muted blue bulb might work well in the bedroom but you’ll soon be straining your eyes if you try to fill a large space with a colored bulb. Most of the lamps we review come with bulbs included but check before you buy as well as checking what type of bulbs you need for the model you have in mind
  • Stability: Poorly designed floor lamps can easily topple over. This is dangerous enough anyway but if you’ve got kids in the house, you need to make absolutely certain you choose a lamp that’s super-stable. We made sure to omit any lamps prone to taking a tumble so you’ve got no worries if you stick with one of the 15 floor lamps for living rooms above
  • Dimensions and Layout of Living Room: The size and shape of your living room will to a large extent dictate which lamps make the most appropriate choice. If you’ve got a smaller lounge, plenty of the models we highlight occupy tiny footprints while still giving you all the light you need. There’s no right or wrong answer here so buy in line with the configuration of your room and you’ll be away laughing
  • Height of Ceilings In Your Living Room: If you fancy a lamp that seems to extend ever-upward, this is not much use if you’ve got low ceilings. Equally, if you’re lucky enough to have those high ceilings that increase the illusion of space, you can afford to get a little more adventurous when you’re buying a floor lamp. Size does matter so take it into account!
  • Intended Usage – Do You Want To Read or Work? If you want to use a floor lamp primarily for reading, either check out our article here or look for one of the models we flag above as suitable for reading and working
  • Portability: Do you plan to set up your floor lamp and leave it in place or are you likely to shift it around from time to time? If you’re one of those people continually rejigging the layout of your living room, avoid particularly heavy models and arc lamps since these can be a real pain to move. If you intend to leave it where it stands, weight is not such a crucial factor of course

III. Conclusion

With any luck, you’re now crystal clear about which floor lamp for living room would make the best fit for your tastes and budget. We aimed to bring in something for everyone and we hope we didn’t disappoint!

We’ll be stepping back into the kitchen next with a look at some combination air fryers and then we’ll be back into the living room again with a look at the best sofas.

Come back soon as we’re always taking delivery of new products, rigorously testing them then reporting back with our findings. We want to make your life easier every step of the way so bookmark this page, follow us on social media and get in touch if you have any queries or feedback at all.

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