The Best Folding Chairs For Dining Room


If you ever have friends over for a barbeque or dinner party, you might need some great folding chairs to provide a little extra seating without permanently crowding out your room.

I. How To Choose The Right Folding Chairs For Dining Room

When you choose your folding dining chair, you have to think about the time you will spend sitting down: comfort should be uppermost.

Along with the comfort level, obviously the folding chair has to fit your budget for this part of your decorating.

You should also think about how the chair will sit with the rest of your furniture and the color scheme throughout the house.

Think about how you’ll be using these chairs for dining. If you’re mainly planning to sit indoors and eat, your prime focus should be on color, design and whether or not the height of the chair matches your dining table.

If you plan to use the chairs outside for BBQs, make sure they’re weatherproof. You need outside dining chairs to be protected against both rain and the harmful rays from the sun.

If you plan to use them both indoors and out in the yard, you can think more about weatherproofing while still thinking about the way they look, too. Folding chairs for dining should be easy to clean so they stay looking fresh even after heavy use. If the chairs aren’t sturdy enough to handle scratches and have to be transported around in a delicate manner, this is only going to result in you needing to buy replacements.

If you need chairs for particularly tall or large guests, you should consider that before ordering up. You don’t want your bigger guests feeling uncomfortable and singled out because of their weight or height.

The great factor about choosing folding chairs is that many come with warranties whether you order online or buy in the store. Only you can decide how important the length of warranty is.

Double down on how and where you want to use your folding chairs for dining and there’s not much more to consider. We’ll give you a brief overview now of 7 of the very best folding chairs for dining. Combine convenience and style and make sure nobody is ever standing up to eat again!

II. The 7 Best Folding Chairs For Dining

1. Mity-Lite Flex One Chair

The Mity-Lite Flex One Chair comes in the black and with free shipping.

This strong chair holds up to 1000 pounds so is ideal for almost all users. It’s strong, wide and stable and will support even heavier users.

The extra width makes this chair ideal for long seated spells whether at graduations, weddings, receptions, or speeches. It’s also great for card games and, of course, cookouts in the garden or meals inside.

These folding chairs come in a set of 4 and will match any home or office.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and stylish folding chair for dining, we can’t recommend this hard-hitting model strongly enough.


  • Streamlined aesthetics
  • Looks great under a canopy
  • Great value for money
  • Superb warranty
  • 1000-pound load-bearing


  • Poor choice of colors
  • No international shipping
  • Need to buy more than one chair

2. Cosco Vinyl Folding Chair Antique Linen.

The Cosco Folding Chair durable seats are great for church events, political meetings, and study groups as well as any type of dining you can think of.

These are comfortable even when you’re sat down for hours on end.

These are easily stored and can be dusted off then used immediately so there’s no tasky cleaning to consider.

These chairs come in fabric, steel, and vinyl. You need to buy a set of 4 but they come in at a very price-point.

The cushions expand when used then spring back to their former shape as soon as you stand up.

The 10-year limited warranty gives you complete peace of mind.


  • Extremely stylish without costing a fortune
  • Ideal for use at the dining table
  • Highly supportive
  • Blends in with almost any decor


  • No international shipping
  • Takes a while to dry after cleaning

3. Flash Furniture 10 Pk

The Flash Furniture Hercules Premium Black Chairs are folding chairs that come singly or in a pack of 10.

The plastic chair can take weights of 800 pounds yet remains lightweight and comes with a safety seating guarantee. It’s stable and easy to carry around.

In addition to this stability, you’ll get draining holes to speed up drying after washing or if your chair gets caught in a rain shower.

You’ll get rails where you can rest your feet and these help to keep the folding chair in place when in use.

This chair comes in a variety of different colors, such as beige, black, red, grey, brown, and blue. If you are into colors, you can collect all the color spectrums to match designs in your home. That idea is great for Independence Day.


  • Multiple colorways
  • Quick and easy to dry
  • Super-sturdy


  • Not ideal for sustained, heavy use
  • Warranty is weak

4. National Public Seating Steel Folding Chairs

National Public Seating Steel Folding Chairs are great for huge crowds that need seating at a convention, public speaking engagement, or graduation. They also work brilliantly for dining purposes.

The frame has premium fabric that’s comfy yet rugged and built to last.

This chair will hold up to 480 lbs. There’s a scotch guard stain application on the cushion and back rest.

The chair itself only weighs about 13 pounds and is ideal if you are expecting rainy weather.

This chair can be cleaned with ease and it dries fairly quickly after exposure to rain or after being washed.

This chair can be kept in storage for quite a while. It can also be used with any table or to match any tablecloth.

It’s a standard chair, but it is not built for comfort, so think about how and where you want to use it and consider if this is the best choice for you.


  • Lightweight and easy to store away
  • Looks great
  • Weatherproofed so perfect for outside dining


  • Poor back support
  • Not particularly comfy

5. The Linon Keira Pad Folding Chair for Dining Room

The Linon Keira Pad Folding Chair comes in a set of 2.

This is a luxurious sitting chair with a rich espresso finish. The 250-pound load-bearing capacity is something of a letdown.

This is a stable chair but lacking in support.

Each chair weighs around 15 pounds but is durable if properly cared for.

Shiny and eye-catching, these chairs work best for occasional use and they’re not ideal if you want to sit for extended periods in extreme comfort.


  • Understated elegance
  • Shiny look which is a conversation piece
  • Firm position once unfolded


  • Poor for larger users
  • Warranty underwhelming
  • Not cut out for daily use

6. The Lifetime 42804 Folding Chair With Molded Seat and Back

The Lifetime 42804 Folding Chair With Molded Seat and Back is made from white granite.

This chair can hold a lot of weight and comes in powder-coated steel. With the stain-resistant guard, it’s a breeze to clean.

Completely weatherproofed, you can leave it in the sun to dry naturally after cleaning.

You’ll need to buy 4 chairs at a time but you’ll get great value for money and space to seat all the guests you can imagine.

These chairs work well for outside events or celebrations.

The granite is firm and stylish. Since these chairs are pretty heavy, they’ll stay in place even if it’s windy outside.


  • Stain-resistant so perfect if your kids are messy eaters
  • Wipe down in a flash with little effort
  • Won’t wobble even with heavy users


  • Not designed for leaning back
  • Limited choice of colors
  • Takes a while to dry

7. The Winsome Wood Folding Chairs

The Winsome Wood Folding Chairs have a natural finish with no extra paint.

These chairs work best for occasional use. They can be left unfolded, but if you want to keep the quality of the wood in check, it is best to not use the chairs every day.

Easy to wipe down, you can leave them to dry out naturally then you’ll be back in business right away.

These chairs are definitely appealing for the holiday season and special events even in cold weather when used outside.

These chairs look gorgeous on your decking or patio


  • Awesome wood finish
  • Comfortable even for heavier, larger users
  • Shiny and look great in the garden for your BBQ


  • Feels slightly cold
  • Children might feel uncomfy sitting on this style of a chair

III. Conclusion

We very much hope you’ve enjoyed these folding chairs for dining reviews.

If you think about some of the points we’ve made, finding the most suitable chair for your needs is really not rocket science and there’s no excuse to have any guests without the room to sit in comfort ever again.
Come back soon!

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